Thank God

My name is Gideon (formerly Guido) and I am married to my wife Caroline. Together we have a son and two daughters. In my childhood I was fascinated by game consoles and the heroes from Hollywood, I dreamed of using my passion for e-games professionally. In 1994, my first assignment was for the supplement «PCtip» in the Tages-Anzeiger. With an original writing style, I managed to squeeze the complicated world of information technology into easily understandable words. Experiences in other sectors (from supermarkets to security services) also shaped my biography. I stocked shelves at Migros, cataloged defective equipment for Hewlett-Packard, mutated customer data at UBS, and guarded the American Embassy in Bern.

Heavenly new start  

My personal career was also shaken by crashes. Sin infected the «operating system» of my heart with a deadly virus! I made many mistakes and was on a hellish ego trip. Therefore, I called for support from the Kingdom of Heaven. Faith in Jesus Christ changed my perspective and gifted me with a new identity. My Savior died for all people and defeated death on the third day. On the cross of Golgotha, I received grace and forgiveness. After my baptism at the beginning of the 21st century, a time of purification and confrontation followed.

Ping Pong in the media world

In 2002, I conceived a magazine for virtual games in Switzerland with Microsoft and a lifestyle publisher. «PONG» was distributed in German and French parts of the country. As editor-in-chief, I designed the content for four years, negotiated with advertising partners, coordinated the layout and brought other writers on board. In 2005, I founded the company «Haus Network» and sold journalistic services. I wrote countless articles about software and hardware. Although I didn’t graduate from college, I worked in print, online, radio and TV. While climbing the career ladder, the Holy Spirit reminded me of wrong behavior patterns that I needed to correct.

Electrifying journey

With God’s help, I fought for stricter guidelines in the digital entertainment industry. I cooperated with politicians and institutions to anchor the protection of minors in law. In 2010, the Federal Council responded and planned a campaign for media literacy. After the order situation in journalism declined, the next challenge appeared on the horizon. This included public relations (PR) for the British audio specialist Bowers & Wilkins. In 2014, I launched the website for the «E-Safari» project based on prophetic signs in advance. The illustrations were created in collaboration with Stefan Burri. Today our ministry is a blessing to the people. I help people find a way out of the jungle of technology so they can discover the meaning of life.

P.S. On the internet «Livenet» published a part of my story with the Savior. In April 2015 I was allowed to give an interview at «Life Channel» and present my activity as a multimedia supporter…