Thank God

My name is Gideon (formerly Guido) and I am married to my wife Caroline. Together we have a son and two daughters. In my childhood I was fascinated by game consoles and the heroes from Hollywood, I dreamed of using my passion for e-games professionally. In 1994, my first assignment was for the supplement «PCtip» in the Tages-Anzeiger. With an original writing style, I managed to squeeze the complicated world of information technology into easily understandable words. Experiences in other sectors (from supermarkets to security services) also shaped my biography. I stocked shelves at Migros, cataloged defective equipment for Hewlett- Packard, updated customer data at UBS and guarded the American Embassy in Bern.

Heavenly new start

My personal career was shaken by crashes. Sin infected the «operating system» of my heart with a deadly virus! I made many mistakes and was on a ego trip to hell. That’s why I called for heavenly support from the Kingdom of God. Faith in Jesus Christ changed my perspective and the Lord gave me a new identity. My Savior sacrificed himself for the guilt of mankind and conquered death on the third day. On the cross of Golgotha, I received grace and forgiveness. After baptism at the beginning of the 21st century, a time of purification and confrontation with the forces of evil followed.

Ping Pong in the media world

Electrifying journey

Welcome to the jungle

Ant building