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  • Lukas S. says:

    I was having problems with my Mac that I couldn’t solve. Gideon solved everything and I was able to learn a lot of new things. We have our photos back!!! Thank you very much!!

  • Shirley W. says:

    Dear Gideon, thank God for you and for the skills he has privileged you! The video of the baptism day of my 12 year old grandson Sean along with a Bible lesson, christian counselling and prayer, you have so wonderfully placed together, so that he and all others can now have and share for a life-time. As a family we just want to thank you from our hearts, but most of all we thank the Lord Jesus Christ, who saved you and fill you up with His Love to share with others. Go for it Gideon, continue to spread the love and joy of Jesus until He comes! God bless you!

  • Hanni K. says:

    Hello Gideon, God used you last night to help me out of a very bad situation. A Trojan is a highly unwanted intruder, and the fact that you were able to put an end to it so calmly and efficiently in an astonishingly short time (1 1/2 hours) with the help of the Norton security software not only impressed me but also made me immensely relieved, and of course made grateful. And the fact that you didn’t constantly remind me of the stupidity I had committed was good for my soul. Say hello and greetings to the whole family! Hanni

  • Adelheid Eva G. says:

    I really appreciated your service. I really appreciate the way you dear Gideon found the best solution to my problem. Without sparing time or money, you were there for me even with your lovely family. Thank you for continuing to advise me! Mega, mega merci! Let us praise the LORD for this with all our hearts!

  • Tina N. says:

    Hello Gideon, thank you very much for your help! I am very happy. Without your help, I would never have been able to make an appointment at the Italian consulate to renew my passport. If I have any problems, I know that I can contact you at any time. I wish you and your family a nice evening. Best regards Tina

  • Daniel T. says:

    Gideon granted me a super spontaneous appointment today in the evening to create a Youtube channel for me…

  • Lilia A. says:

    I am very satisfied with the IT work of Gideon Haus. Has exceeded my expectations by far. High know how and pleasure to work with. I would continue to use his service and recommend him. Also as a person, warm and tactful, with real heartfelt joy. Thank you much, much times, and God’s blessings in abundance. Lilia

  • Bavananthan T. says:

    Dear Gideon, thank you for your service and for creating the website for us! You have invested a lot of time and also made it very professional. You are a very helpful, patient and loving person. Me and my family would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. God’s blessings brother. Lg Bavananthan

  • Joachim W. says:

    Hello! I would like to thank you very much for your service. You helped me to create the website and advised me. I learned a lot and can continue to use it, thank you very much.

  • Annette S. says:

    Thank you! A big amen for Gideon. He has restored and organized my PC with a great patience. Flexible in time even deep into the night. He was a calm pole when I didn’t see through anymore. A talented man.

  • Hyacinthe C.A. says:

    Super Mega was the work that Gideon did for me. He helped me in all cases with computer, cell phone and other things. With application, RAV and resume, job references etc. Thank you so much for his time he took for me. A great service was his support and a relief for me.

  • John M. says:

    The website ( how Gideon created for us has been a great blessing to us and our ministry. We are able to see a lot of God’s messages through this website. So also many other Christian brothers and sisters get to know about our ministry through this website. We pray that God should bless the ministry of Brother Gideon and his family.

  • Annelise + Rolf E.F. says:

    Mr. Haus advised us on the purchase of a new computer and printer. He downloaded the files from the old computer to the new one. And he showed me many applications on all my devices (computer, iPad and cell phone). He was friendly and supportive and I never felt stupid. We have found Mr. Haus to be a patient, competent advisor and hope to continue to count on his services in the future.

  • Urs F. says:

    Gideon set up my website I am mega very satisfied. Also, Gideon, with very big heart and a lot of patience, taught me how to upload texts, pictures and sound recordings. I am already 60+ and not so knowledgeable with technology. But Gideon helped me a lot. He has always taken my ideas into account. If we were not of the same opinion, we talked about it until we got the solution from God. At this point, thank you very much, Gideon for your great help and patience. I am looking forward to continue working with Gideon. I highly recommend Gideon to everyone. He has an unbelievably great, not only theoretical, but also practical competence. Best regards Urs

  • Regula + Sanjeev W.K. says:

    Hoi Guido we are very happy with you. And you did very well with the setting on our laptop. And you were very fast and very good. And if we have something again we can contact you? Thank you for sending us the CD.

  • Urban L. says:

    It is a pleasure to receive IT services from Guido. He has a great expertise, works expeditiously and especially: he quickly addresses the customer’s problems and solves all open issues point by point.

  • Fritz F. says:

    Guido Haus has been doing successful PR work for the B&W Group ( for years. His contact with journalists, his commitment and the will to do a good job are exceptional. We also appreciate his open and friendly manner. Guido is flexible and also on the spot when something doesn’t go as planned to solve the problem to everyone’s satisfaction.

  • Daniela T. says:

    With Guido’s help I am back up to date with my technology. Internet, telephony and TV installed; purchase help and installation of my new PC, now I can work from home again. Great! I can highly recommend Guido, expertise and patience I appreciate as well as the price-performance ratio! Thanks Guido!

  • Theres Z. says:

    Thank you, Guido, for taking so much time and being so patient with money to help me untangle and declutter my PC mess. In addition, you explained it to me in such a way that I now feel much more confident in dealing with all the data and applications. I’ve had PC supporters with me before, since I’ve been working with the PC for over 20 years (also professionally), but you are really the best of all :-)!!! I could also learn a lot of new things and got good advice. I will recommend you anytime with great conviction! Be blessed and protected!

  • Jacqueline K. says:

    Thank you dear Guido, as often before you helped us with our PC problems very professionally and quickly and saved us safely from the jungle… we can only recommend Guido.

  • Martin N. says:

    Hello Guido! With my PC problem a specialist had to come. The not everyday disturbances during the Internet visit, there nestled with me Trojans and malicious software, had to be eliminated. The recurring advertisements were so annoying that visiting the Internet was no longer fun. Thanks to the thorough investigation by you, these more than 550 pests could be located and eliminated. Today I can start my searches again as usual. Thank you very much.

  • Fred G. says:

    I can only recommend Guido. He is in his sector and has solved x problems in one day. Am AHV positive and not really a pure PC FREAK. But I experienced many new AHA effects that day. He is a patient professional of this matter and fills wishes. The worker is worth his wages.

  • Hildegard O. says:

    Dear Guido, I have been reluctant to buy a laptop for years. Through a friend I got to know you. Thank God and so I was allowed to use your expertise. Now I am happy thanks to your patience and calm way of explaining. I will certainly recommend your pleasant and friendly manner to others. Thank you very much until the next time.

  • Kim P. says:

    The work of Guido Haus helped me a lot and I could learn many things. He solved my problems with printer, tax return, Facebook, Gmail and camera. I feel a little wiser now.

  • Claudia N. says:

    I am very happy that Guido helped me so successfully to create 2 photo books, update the Mac, backup the data and set up the printer. Guido is very competent, has extraordinary patience and also humor! Thank you Guido!

  • Silvia B. says:

    Thank you for patiently guiding me through the e-jungle. I will gladly come back to your offer again.

  • Hans E. says:

    Your work in installing Windows 8.1 and getting the PC up and running again after the repair was done competently. Unfortunately, however, too much time was taken for the update to Windows 10.

  • Max W. says:

    Hello Gido, the five stars are primarily for the original website and the flyer in the mailbox! I will not hesitate to ask for your help if needed. Good business to you from Winterthur, Max the old bag

  • Reinhard H. says:

    Dear Guido, you had extremely much patience for me, someone else would have given up long ago! But you did not stop explaining to me patiently until late at night! And your knowledge is professional, simply outstanding. Thank you again sincerely, may you be a help to others too! The Lord bless you abundantly, Reinhard

  • Heidy L. says:

    I am thrilled! The calm manner and competent action quickly convinced me that I had put my equipment in the right hands. I will definitely seek Guido’s help in the future before I lose my nerve. Many thanks also for the adjusted invoice.

  • Massimo + Jolanda C. says:

    Dear Guido, you are a competent, patient person! That’s exactly what we needed to clean up our “PC mess”. You solved all our problems expertly – iMac, iPad and iPhone. We will certainly need your help in the future… Now I know where to turn when we have a problem! Thank you very much.

  • Pascal B. says:

    Guido is a master of the multimedia world. We had a pincer birth to solve with my Zeppelin Airstream speaker. He even provided on-site support and went through all peripherals, interfaces and checked frequency band setups with me that were responsible for the interference factors that occurred. In the end, paramaters could be defined and adjusted, which now allow a mostly interference-free operation of my IPhone. “Guido your gift and your knowledge is not the same as yours and I will definitely come back to you!” At the latest, this will be the case when I purchase a new notebook where I will gladly fall back on your extraordinary knowledge and skill. What I definitely know after this odyssey with Bowers & Wilkins, is that the product information for the customer should point out that it requires a dual router that supports the “g frequency band”. This was not the case and for this reason I think that all the subsequent costs incurred should be borne by the aforementioned brand company.

  • Sylvia Z. says:

    Dear Guido, of course I have not forgotten your great effort in setting up my laptop with Windows 8. You did a good job and I benefit from it every day. Also, the whole computer thing (email, cablecom, etc.) has become a bit more understandable to me because of your good introduction. So I am really grateful for the good work you did for me and especially for the patience you had for me. Best regards and many thanks. Sylvia

  • Marcel H. says:

    Hello Guido, I am happy to rate your excellent support in the field of multimedia and I was glad I could benefit from your knowledge. You advised me from A-Z on the purchase of a new LCD TV. Also after the purchase I was glad about your help and you configured the TV for me and completely wired and installed the whole sound system. Last but not least, you also integrated my game console perfectly into the whole thing and now everything works exactly as I wanted it to. Thank you for your excellent work.

  • Heinrich T. says:

    I am very pleased that you installed my computer well and everything very correctly. Now that I have bought my new SCREEN, could you install it on 31/12/2014 at about 09:30? Kind regards and thanks Heinrich

  • Ruth + Fredy B. says:

    Hi Guido, so often we sat together when we didn’t know what to do on the PC or laptop. You have always succeeded in bringing so-called “unsolvable problems” to a good end. With your patience and expertise you even managed to turn us into little “PC experts”. The next time we have a problem, which will certainly occur sooner or later, we will gladly come back to you. Thank you for everything Ruth & Fredy

  • Hansjörg B. says:

    Many thanks Guido for your professional competence. Even when there were difficulties with the notebook, you showed enormous stamina. And what I particularly appreciate: that you can explain the whole thing calmly. So I could reduce my fear of contact with the electric media and I appreciate your patience.

  • Jürg H.B. says:

    Hi Gido, you have done a lot for me in the last 4 years in PC consulting. When I was stuck, you were ALWAYS there for me. The problem was solved. Always needed patience when the matter was complicated. But all people who work with PC or Lapdop know that. So I can only recommend you, Gido. Best regards and thanks again for your talent. Jürg

  • Felix P. says:

    I have been a “victim” of the digital achievements of our time for a good 10 years and have been “struggling” with my computer for just that long. As a great lover of jazz music, my main activity is the digitization and tonal improvement of my countless audiophile records. In addition, I try to develop sophisticated designs of CD covers with images from the Internet. Often and frequently I encountered problems with the use of the Adobe photo editing program, the visual design of the images and the updating of programs needed for this. When installing new or improved programs, as well as when removing errors caused by me, Guido Haus showed admirable prudence and foresight. Often he was even able to solve complicated problems by phone or Skype. I have known him for more than 10 years, and there was NOT A SINGLE case, or rather, not a single problem that he could not solve immediately and in a highly professional manner. It has always been a pleasure to work with him and his “angelic patience”. I highly recommend him as a highly suitable, professional and conscientious multi-media supporter. I would like to mention that due to his absence, I once asked a PC supporter in (…) for help. He charged me CHF 130.- per hour, more than double – and that 5 years ago! The next time I have a problem, I will definitely contact Mr. Haus again for help and advice.

  • Caroline P. says:

    I had a very bad problem with the iPad. I held it in my mouth for a very short time while closing the garden gate, because I had my hands full. That was enough and it went crack. Right at the start button, the glass broke. At first I thought that would be no big deal to put a new cover glass on it, but far from it. An uncomfortable odyssey began, first paying an estimate, then sending it in, then waiting forever and finally being told that it couldn’t be repaired. Even the extended warranty was of no use. During the back and forth negotiations with the dealer, manufacturer and co. I would have had no chance as a layman without the help of Mr. Haus. Now I hold a slightly used replacement unit in my hands for a fair price. THANK YOU!!!