Lost in the jungle of technology?

I help to operate computer, tablet, power generator, PayPal, printer, solar panel, cell phone, prepaid card, camera, projector, office, speaker, drone, postfinance or headphones.

Together we study instructions, learn the basics and solve problems. I also help with new purchases, clear out households overcrowded with technology, provide support in setting up devices or assist with the use of selected functions.

Gamer Monkey

The offer is based on an independent consulting service and includes practical assistance in the use of information technology. This includes, among others, the following services:

  • Asking the question of meaning (which equipment I really need)
  • Make individual consultations (also by telephone)
  • Compare products (performance, service, efficiency, price)
  • Save electricity, use power strips and LED lamps
  • Dismantle, upgrade, wire, and maintain equipment fleet
  • Call and arrange for customer service, technician or dealer
  • Check games for console and cell phone (protection of minors, addiction)
  • Buy or sell goods online
  • Build powerful websites with WordPress
  • Stabilize PC or Mac, load updates, and fix errors
  • Install and operate software (Windows, Office & Co.)
  • Update hardware and various drivers
  • Learn to use technology responsibly
  • Configure iPhone, iPad, and iTunes
  • Set up e-mail, Internet, account and firewall (Norton & Co.)
  • Entering, deleting, or backing up data
  • Bring order to IT chaos and analyze infrastructure
  • Show how to navigate the World Wide Web
  • Edit images or videos
  • Create digital photo albums and movies
  • Use applications such as Telegram, Signal or Google Maps
  • Design documents and write job applications
  • Set up camera with microphone via Zoom or Skype
  • Remove viruses and other digital parasites
  • Presenting a drone and completing practice flights

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