Media relations included

As a multimedia supporter, I also offer «Public Relations» services. For PR I use a network of media houses, send customized information to editorial offices, talk to journalists and follow up the coverage. In addition, I help companies to present themselves in public and look for errors in communication. I only support companies whose products harmonize with my conscience:


▪ Maintain network with press contacts
▪ Create videos for social media
▪ Write texts and select images
▪ Optimize presentations
▪ Build on strengths in products
▪ Finding errors and correcting mistakes
▪ Answering inquiries from journalists
▪ Advise companies on communication


List of references

# Bowers & Wilkins / 2010-2021

For more than ten years, I took care of the public relations of B&W Group (Switzerland) GmbH from Schlieren. The subsidiary of Bowers & Wilkins is responsible for the national distribution of the outstanding loudspeakers, amplifiers and headphones. The job reference mentions professional competencies and explains my activities as an external specialist…